Adam Haile
Maker - Engineer - Artist



I am a software engineer at Red Hat by day but, the rest of the time I am a “Maker” as it’s generally put these days. I’m probably most known for my work with LED displays and the open source hardware I’ve helped create to build those displays. But I don’t draw the line there and the things I make really depend on my mood at the time. Some might call it art, others may not, and that’s ok. I’m heavily interested in digital fabrication techniques and how I can use them to enable my own creativity. So I’m well versed in CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC machining.

This portfolio mostly exists to show off my larger and flashier projects and serves as quick access to much of the work I’ve done either by myself or as part of Maniacal Labs, an open source hardware company I run with Dan Ternes. Much more can be seen over at Most of what I build is created for my own enjoyment, but I’m open to commisions. Contact form below.